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UCM Resita

Production Capacities

Capacities for machining operations on machine-tools

CNC Waldrich gantry millU.C.M. Resita holds large capabilities to machine parts on small, middle and large lathes, milling machines, planers, grinding machines, slotting and shaping machines, CNC centers; various machines are employed particularly to certain components such as: hydraulic turbines, electrical generators and large electrical motors, hydraulic servomotors, metallic bearings, air compressors, etc.

In respect of the machining operation type, U.C.M. Resita has the following machining capabilities:

Welding capacities


U.C.M. Resita holds the Certificate for performance of welded structures as per DIN 18800, issued by SLV Munchen regarding:

We also have the Capability Certificate (EWF) according to EN 729/ISO 3834, part 2, issued by the National Research and Development in Welding and Material Testing in Timisoara.

General information

Welding machineU.C.M. Resita has about 5,000 m2 welding areas and 80 tons lifting capacities at heights of 6,500-9,500 mm. U.C.M. Resita employs a staff with high (university) education degree in welding (out of which 7 European welding engineers, with tasks and responsibilities as per EN 719) and welders qualified acc. to EN 287-1, ASME provisions, section IX, ISCIR and RNR.

Welding equipment

U.C.M. Resita has available for plate cutting: Computer controlled machine (PC and MS-WINDOWS program) with gas and plasma flame-cutting; gate shears; cold molding presses of 250 and 500 tf; bending press and bending machine; calender (rolling mill) for cylindrical and conical rolling of ring shells; welding converter with coated electrode; MIG-MAG welding machines; flux welding machines; equipment for weld pool welding in flux bath; thermal spraying machines.

Post welding heat treatment

Stress relieving and normalizing in furnaces with maximum sizes: 16,900 mm x 4,100 mm x 5,600 mm.

Sand blasting of welded structures

Sandblasting of welded structures in an enclosure with following sizes: 10.000 x 4.500 x 4.600 mm

Capacities - heat and thermo-chemical treatments, electroplating

Heat and thermo-chemical treatments

Hard chrome plating Following heat and thermo-chemical treatments are performed in U.C.M. Resita:


In U.C.M. Resita we can perform the following types of electroplating: hard chrome plating, zinc plating, copper plating, nickel plating, phosphating, silver coating.

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