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UCM Resita

Testing capacities

Test stands for electric machines

Stand masini electriceU.C.M. Resita is provided with prestigious test stands that allow the performance of complex tests according to the most demanding test requirements. The computers on stands provide the automatic data processing.

The stands are provided with Ward - Leonard units of 3 MVA and 6 MVA.
Tests are performed according to CEI 34.
The range of electric machines being tested is as follows:

The maximum test voltage is 13.8 kV. If not required otherwise, the following tests are performed usually: batch tests and type tests.

U.C.M. Resita has the logistics that allows the performance of complete electric machine tests on site.

Test stands for Diesel engines

U.C.M. Resita is provided with the following 3 facilities for Diesel engine tests:

All these facilities are provided with the following units: lubrication, cooling, fuel supply facility (including the special equipment for preparation, filtering and treatment of heavy fuel), compressed air facility, combustion air filtering system, exhaust pipe, power supply (AC and DC), measuring instruments, also hardware and software equipment for data processing.

The testing programs are prepared according to UIC regulations (for local applications) and/or the requirements of (any) classification society. Any customer requirements are considered.

Test stands for hydraulic turbine governors

U.C.M. Resita has a test stand for complete industrial testing of governors and component parts. These testing comply both with the internal and IEC (International Electro-technical Code) code requirements.

On the same test stand are performed also tests and measurements for research on governors as well as tests for pressure oil hydraulic circuits. Main parameters:

Laboratory for nondestructive tests

U.C.M. Resita has labs for nondestructive testing intended for checks and measurements within the manufacturing process.


Ultrasonic test

The ultrasonic testing service is organized in control teams that perform such tests in all three industrial areas.

The laboratory performs steel and aluminum part tests by means of fundamental pulse - echo method in A form, with a pulse frequency of 2÷5 MHz, in testing the following materials:

Test performance complies with the international accepted standards in the field, observes the quality norms in force and the work procedures agreed with the customers. The control standards for quality assessment are ASME, EN, SEP, SEL, NTR, etc. Authorization: the operators hold certificates issued according to CR 11/82 CNE (Nuclear Power Station) and EN 473 (DGZfP-Berlin).

Magnetic test

This type of testing service is organized in certain production points, in production facilities and workshops, or is performed by mobile teams.

The various magnetizing devices available allow testing the ferromagnetic material parts regardless to their shape, and ensure finding of flaws equal to or larger than 1.6 mm. The quality assessment regulations comply with ASME, EN, CR-ISCIR, NTR, etc. The personnel are authorized by ISCIR (State Body for Pressure Vessels and Lifting Machines) as per CR 11/82 norm and EN 473 (DGZfP-Berlin).

Penetrant liquid test

This testing service is organized in mobile teams working in all production facilities and workshops.

The testing materials employed (penetrant, developer, de-greaser liquids) KD-check type (Karl Deutsch-Germany) authorized by ASME, ASTM, as well as products from Petrocor Ploiesti.

One may perform controls to find welding cracks in welded steel structures, forged, cast and non-ferrous parts or may determine the adherence of antifriction deposits.

Testing procedures comply with internal product norms that observe customers' requirements. The control standards for quality assessment are ASME, EN, NTR, etc. Authorization: the operators hold certificates issued according to ISCIR, CNE - acc. to level 2 and EN 473 (DGZfP-Berlin).

Metrological Laboratory

The Laboratory of Metrology within UCM Resita has as main object of activity calibration/control and repair of measuring devices within the organization as well as rendering metrological services for foreign customers.

The metrological laboratory consists on five sectors divided on fields of activities, as follows:

Laboratories for measurement of: length, weights, forces, hardness, cinematic, electric parameters, temperatures, flows, automation and pressures.

According to the requirements of SR EN ISO/CEI 17025:2005, the metrological laboratory obtained a CERTIFICATE of COMPETENCE on behalf of the ROMANIAN BUREAU OF LEGAL METROLOGY.

The list of items included in the competency of UCM Metrology Laboratory is the one shown in the Annex to the Certificate.

Metrology Laboratory Certificate
Annex to Metrology Laboratory Certificate

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