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UCM Resita

The Department of Regulating Systems Design


The activity performed within the department of regulating systems design comprises the design, testing on stand and putting into operation of regulating systems (speed governor and adjusting equipment) for hydraulic turbines of Francis, Kaplan and Bulb type. Also it is intended to design the actuating gears for FO and EOS micro turbines.

The design activity started on 1950 in the same department where the mechano-hydraulic governors for steam turbines were designed, by assimilating new mechano-hydraulic speed governors. It followed the period when in parallel with the manufacture of mechano-hydraulic governors were also bought electro-hydraulic speed governors manufactured by LMZ from Sankt Petersburg, Russia. Then it was purchased the license for the manufacture of electro and mechano- hydraulic governors from NEYRPIC, France.

Along the years, by gathering more and more experience, it was developed a wide range of governors both mechanical and electro-hydraulic, installed today in all power plants within the country.

In the last years, thanks to the opening we had in the field of information, the regulating system was simplified by introducing both the proportional hydraulic elements and the digital speed governor.

As concerns the actuating gears for micro turbines, at the beginning they were based on the screw-nut mechanism. Now, they have been replaced by hydraulic actuating gears.

Representative objectives

The mechano-hydraulic speed governors designed and manufactured by U.C.M. Resita SA, are still in operation and we can mention: HPP Paltinu, HPP Ramnicu Valcea, HPP Maneciu, and HPP Izvoarele.

We would like to state that the mechano-hydraulic governors are no longer in manufacture, they[fara they] being replaced with electro-hydraulic governors provided with control equipment.

The electro-hydraulic governors have been designed and manufactured by U.C.M. Resita SA in two main variants, on wicket gate and runner control blocks or as a whole assembly in a control panel REH 85-51; REH 99-101 for Francis turbines, and REH 85-52; REH 99-52 for Kaplan turbines. Many of them are installed in the power plants within the country and overseas (Turkey).

All these governors are still in operation. The latest and most reliable adjusting systems were put into operation at: HPP Poiana Teiului, HPP Rucar, HPP Subcetate, HPP Turnu, where there were implemented the latest solutions for: displacement transducers, digital systems for speed measurement, digital control equipment, measuring units for discharge and level.

First made products

Reconsidering the design in the last years leaded [led] to a new diversification of the regulating systems. The idea of using levers and cables for adjustment was left behind completely and the electro-hydraulic converters were replaced with servo-valves. The variometers were replaced with displacement transducers and thus appeared two variants of governors: the variant with distribution slide controlled by a proportional hydraulic element and the variant with proportional distributors. Both variants are controlled by means of a digital governor designed and manufactured by U.C.M. Resita SA.

The digital speed governor RTD is programmable equipment implementing the techniques and the adjustment and monitoring algorithms of the processes specific for hydro power units provide with one or two adjusting elements. The constructive solution for the digital governor is based on a programmable automatic device (manufactured by GE FANUC), that meets all conditions required by CEI and ISO standards for the equipment of this type. The programmable automatic device provides the possibility of RTD connection in the network with protocol MODBUS, respectively ETHERNET, for the transfer of data to a control center.

The RTD is designed thus to be used in refurbishment at obsolete automations involving minimum changes.

The first digital speed governor designed, performed and put into operation by the experts from U.C.M. Resita SA is at HPP Gura Lotrului.

The latest adjusting systems, where the hydro-mechanical part is completely performed of proportional elements from import, BOSCH and MOOG, and the digital equipment manufactured by U.C.M. Resita SA, have been used for the first time in our country at HPP Subcetate and HPP Turnu.

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