U.C.M. Resita provides the following categories of services:

  • upgrading and refurbishment
  • repairs
  • specialized services

Upgrading and refurbishment in order to increase the operating performances of the products delivered previously, as well as for those delivered by other producers:

  • hydro units
  • hydraulic turbines
  • governors
  • valves, including their driving systems
  • electric generators
  • monitoring systems for hydropower units
  • electric motors
  • Diesel engines

Repairs for the following products:

  • hydraulic turbines
  • valves
  • hydraulic servomotors
  • electric generators
  • electric motors
  • Diesel engines

Specialized services

Specialized tests and measurements

U.C.M. Resita provides specialized tests and measurements for the customers, in the following fields:

  • machining
  • heat and thermo-chemical treatments
  • electroplating
  • protective coating
  • mechanical and chemical properties testing
  • non-destructive testing, strain gauge measurements, vibrations measurements, noise and transient processes measurements
  • trials and tests on test stands of models of hydraulic machines, according to CEI code
  • trials and tests on specialized test beds of rotary electric machines, Diesel engines, hydraulic micro-turbines, hydraulic turbine governors, Woodward governors for Diesel engines.

Specialized engineering services

U.C.M. Resita provides the following engineering services:

  • research services
  • design
  • technical assistance
  • putting into operation
  • on site testing
  • service
  • consulting
  • case studies
  • diagnosis
  • expertise
  • refurbishment
  • repairs

for the following products/fields of activity:

  • Diesel engines
  • Diesel engine adjustments
  • hydraulic turbines
  • hydraulic turbine adjustments
  • electrical generators, excitation systems
  • electric motors
  • air compressors
  • hydraulic servomotors
  • valves
  • slide bearings
  • welded parts

U.C.M. Resita provides technical assistance and/or service for the supplied equipments in service.

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